Detoks So Vkusom, russian version


nelly grosjean offers 40 years of experience at your service.
she is the creator and ambassador of the super zen detox aromatic cure and a pioneer of natural aromatherapy and well-being.
she wrote numerous books and is an internationally renowned lecturer. In this book, she offers advice, recipes and methods for a quick and effective detox, centered on a winning diet. Far from being restrictive, winning food that’s alive and raw, is a “super-boost” for the sick who want to be cured, the healthy who want to stay healthy, and those who aspire to a life in the global abundance of the benefits of Nature and the Universe.
in this volume 1 of the trilogy “winning food that’s alive and raw”, the zen detox aromatic cure, recipes, cleansing and cell regeneration are so simply explained that finding the path to full and happy health is now child’s play.
with the participation of Miguel Barthéléry, researcher in molecular medicine.

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